Network-Management Network Management

It starts with proactive program management.

Network Management acts as the foundation of the Entegral suite of products. We start by building your network and team hierarchy within the application — providing you with a comprehensive solution to run an efficient, data-driven repair program. Network Management streamlines program management, with an intuitive approach to training, testing, auditing, growing and optimizing your network. 

Entegral makes it easy — all from one web-based application:  

  • Replace manual and paper processes with digital workflows for a more efficient field team 
  • Organize and track expirations and shop details with automated reporting  
  • Improve timeliness and accuracy of shop qualifications with the industry’s largest source of validated third-party data  
  • Access a robust set of non-network shops to identify opportunities — over 25,000 shops on the platform  
  • Fully integrate using available APIs 
  • Entegral’s dedicated account team provides full network onboarding and team training for a smooth transition 
Smart-Locator Smart Locator

Increasing auto claim satisfaction. 

Building on Network Management, Entegral’s Smart Locator gives your team the tools to improve the claims experience. Loss vehicle data combines with network details and customer preferences to provide real-time, intelligent recommendations for a qualified repair.  

Entegral’s open platform makes you more efficient at every step, from the initial report of the incident through completed repairs. 

  • Alleviate the guesswork in shop recommendations by pairing customer information with shop attributes
  • Create rules to automate shop recommendations 
  • Display both in- and out-of-network shops, regardless of network coverage 
  • Ensure data flows into claims systems and self-service apps with advanced APIs


Smart Assist
Smart Assist

Providing groundbreaking intelligence to every step of your claims process.

Entegral Smart Assist is an integrated, fully configurable and open platform that provides assistance at First Notice of Loss (FNOL). The Vehicle Damage Triage guides vehicle owners through AI-enabled photo capture, deriving repairability and severity using AI. Configurability matches the customer and vehicle needs with the best suited shop, driving customer satisfaction and optimal network utilization. Finally, they leverage our integrated rental selection to select a car rental provider.

  • Cross vendor data sharing enhances the customer experience and provides operational efficiencies.
  • Open platform and data provide competitive advantage to innovate beyond existing workflows.
  • Automates loss-specific initial rental reservation.
  • Capability-based repairer selection:
    • Aligns vehicle repair requirements with shop capability.
    • Shop selection process adds value to Direct Repair Program (DRP) selection.
  • Consistent service offer experience reduces talk time and increases FNOL throughput.
  • Does not disrupt existing downstream assignment workflows or automations and can be integrated into digital FNOL workflow.
Network Insights
Network Insights

Unleash the power of your data.

Network Insights works as an enhancement to Entegral’s Network Management product, allowing you to map and filter network data so you can put it to work.

  • Optimize vendor fulfillment capabilities by positioning your network based on the needs of your business and your customers.
  • Filter network data for specific capabilities, certifications, equipment or services offered.
  • Access a network of over 20k shops. Overlay multiple shop networks for analysis of growth opportunity or program overlap.
  • Input and visualize your business’ custom data to highlight potential gaps and areas of opportunity for your network.