Best of all?

Entegral’s Network Management puts insurers, OEMs, MSOs and other providers on a single platform where data can be operationalized. It keeps users one step ahead any time customers need repairs — improving the process from start to finish. 

“Data moves our industry, really any industry, forward today – and we’ve built our system to give our partners and their customers the most access to information exactly when they need it.”       
- Trent Tinsley, AVP Sales Operations & Business Development

Automate, Communicate, Validate  

A configurable platform that works like you do

Your company has its own systems and procedures — and we’re here to make them even better. Our advanced APIs let Entegral data flow into any claims system or self-service app, so you can create a seamless user experience.  Plus, if you use Guidewire ClaimCenter TM our Ready for Guidewire accelerator brings full integration.